We just hit 40 !

From the north-east of England came our last mission of 2023. Led by Simon, perhaps with the unofficial title of North of England Unit Commander! Setting off first to the coast and then a long boat trip to Hook of Holland before the long drive to Lviv.

The team delivered four ambulances and a lot of equipment. Handed over to our team in Lviv the vehicles were soon on their way to their final destinations in western and southern Ukraine and the team bedded down for the night in Lviv before the journey home.

Simon and many other members of the crew kept a video diary of their mission, including tips on how to fit snow chains and how to drive a fully loaded ambulance in the snow! 

Simon came to us by way of the recent Landrover auction. With the bit firmly between the teeth he set about raising money to drive. What started off as wanting to deliver aid has become a mission for Simon and his team, and more are planned. If you want to know how you can do this, get in touch!

An edited highlights video of the December 2023 mission team will be on our website soon!

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