Shortly after Russia invaded Ukraine, Lord Monson (known as Nick to many) told Bridget Convey about an extraordinary group of people he knew of. They were not content to merely watch the war and subsequent suffering unfold on television but wanted to take direct action and make a difference. They set off a chain reaction of support, and within a short period of time, they have already sent many ambulances full of medical supplies to Ukraine. If only we could work as effectively and efficiently in other aspects of life!

As a Humanist, Bridget believes “everyone should do whatever they can to help others when they have the ability to. Help comes in many forms, usually time, energy or money.”

In this instance, Bridget was able to help by turning her time and energy into some money. The event itself raised over £5,000!

A few words by Lord Monson

“Thank you so much everyone for attending Bridget’s great bash and thank you in particular, Bridget!

‘Update: so far Help4Ukraine has bought 17 reconditioned ambulances which have been delivered to hospitals in Ukraine, all within five weeks of the Russian invasion.

What you have all donated has added generously to the war chest. We have collectively raised enough in the last four weeks to enable us to buy and deliver eight more ambulances and four people carriers full of required aid.

‘Now that we have partnered now with the charity, Make A Difference, we will drive our vehicles close to the front line where such aid is most badly needed. There are only just a few charities doing this.

‘In the second phase of our mission – Operation Safety Drop – our people carriers then bring refugees back to Poland where they will be assisted in joining us in the UK.”