A week ago Help4Ukraine gave the Make a Difference Foundation enough funds to buy two more vehicles and support further their refugee rescue initiative – Operation Safety Drop which has been initiated by a member of our Help4Ukraine group Toby Illingworth.

May many more refugees be saved with these vehicles. With more vehicles and a growing group of volunteers, they are now to do even more great work.

Help4Ukraine continues to provide humanitarian aid and support. It is, therefore, with a huge amount of pride that we can share the recognition we have received from the very people we serve and help.

John Fuggles, our operation commander, has received a certificate addressed to ‘John and his team’ expressing gratitude for the help we have all provided. This is not just for the Help4Ukraine team but to all the other volunteers who source items, load and drive, help us with vehicles and, most of all, to those that donate and provide the items that Ukraine so badly needs. Thank you.

The certificate is from The Chief Sergeant on behalf of the Commander of the Combating Unit for the defence of Cherkasy

Separately, John and founder, Nick Monson, have each been presented with a plaque from the Major General of the Civil Defense Service in Odesa.

We want to share these with you because we all recognise Help4Ukraine is able to do what it does thanks to all of you. Thank you