In recent weeks the toll being taken on the front line in Ukraine has gone up significantly. Something, sadly, predicted for a while now. As the invasion of Russian forces comes under heavy attack from improved weapons for the defenders the slow grind of artillery warfare takes its toll.

Help4Ukraine is a humanitarian aid group dedicated to supporting and helping the people of Ukraine. Our focus has to be on those most in need and, at times, that is very often a difficult task for those making some very tough decisions.

For the Summer of 2022, Help4Ukraine is focusing its efforts on supporting First Ones In on the front line, serving soldiers and training medical personnel. Their work is to make sure those injured get the best treatment possible as soon as possible and to make sure every fighting Ukrainian has the very best medical aid possible.

Operation Safe Drop extraction team brings aid to needed locations in the East of Ukraine for those remaining in place and carries out extractions from those locations for women, children, and other vulnerable individuals seeking safety further west.

Sadly, that means until the end of this Summer our focus on serving hospitals directly, delivering humanitarian aid to hospitals and delivering ambulances will serve as a second priority. The team behind Help4Ukraine have laboured over this decision and has not come to this lightly. However, we see this as necessary to serve those that need it most.

We continue to support hospitals and those who need it most, serving and living on the front line.